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The Ghost of SBA Debt: A Ticking Clock and the Fight for Justice

It’s the day you’ve been dreading – that spine-chilling 60-Day Official Notice from the SBA arrives, snapping at your heels like a relentless specter of debt. The letter taunts you, offering a chance to petition for an administrative review, make an offer in compromise, or negotiate a repayment agreement for your defaulted SBA loan. But the path is shrouded in darkness, leaving you unsure of which way to turn.

Beware, for the unforgiving countdown has begun. Fail to respond within the stated time frame, and your case will be viciously thrown to the hounds of the Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service. There, the cold-hearted Government will mercilessly heap upon you an amount up to 30% of the original SBA debt balance as “administrative fees and costs.”

Here’s the twisted truth: the SBA doesn’t need to face a judge or jury like a private creditor, nor do they give you a chance to step into the sunlight and defend yourself in court. Instead, they have unilaterally decreed that you owe the debt, leaving you shackled and unheard. A cloud of shadows obscures the potentially hundreds (or thousands) of pages of documents related to your case, concealing the evidence you have a right to inspect and review.

To break free of these chains and claim your day in court, you must embark on a quest to uncover the buried treasure of documentary evidence and unearth the legal defenses at your disposal. Fear not, brave borrower, for an SBA Attorney can be your guiding star during this harrowing journey. They will navigate the murky waters of the administrative discovery process, dissect the records, and light your path forward by advising you on your options. Empowered with this knowledge, you can stand tall and make an informed decision in resolving the looming specter of debt.

Before surrendering to the darkness of bankruptcy and ruining your credit, why not enlist the help of our fearless SBA Attorneys? Let them lead a proper investigation into your SBA debt and reveal whether there might be a better, more victorious alternative waiting for you. Together, we can vanquish the ghost of SBA debt – and restore the power to your hands.

Picture this: you’ve just received the dreaded 60-Day Official Notice from the SBA, offering you a chance to petition for an administrative review of your debt, make an offer in compromise, or enter into a repayment agreement for your defaulted SBA loan. Panic sets in as you realize you’re not quite sure which path to take. To make matters worse, failing to respond within the given time frame could result in your case being handed over to the Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service – and you could potentially face an additional 30% increase in your debt balance as “administrative fees and costs.”

The realization hits hard — unlike private creditors, the SBA doesn’t need to take you to court, nor prove their case before a jury or judge. In this unfair battle, you’re not granted a “day in court” to explain your side of the story. Out of the blue, the SBA has unilaterally decided you owe the debt, without providing you with any documents that prove your liability or exonerate you from responsibility.

Hidden within the vast labyrinth of bureaucracy might be hundreds, or even thousands, of pages directly related to your case. These documents hold the key to your fate, and it’s your absolute right to inspect and review them.

So, how do you get back in control and make an informed decision on how to resolve this soul-crushing debt? This is where our SBA Attorneys step in as your guiding light. These experts have the power to delve deep into the administrative discovery process, getting their hands on the evidence and piecing together your best possible legal defenses. With their insight, you can make a calculated decision on the course of action that’s best for you.

Hold off on pulling the trigger on bankruptcy or making any rash decisions that could further harm your credit. Instead, invest your trust in the hands of our experienced SBA Attorneys, who’ll get to the bottom of your unique situation and discover better alternatives for you. Nothing’s spicier than standing tall in the face of adversity and taking back control of your financial future.

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Everyone has different SBA debt. What matters is you hire a firm to represent you that truly gets it – and knows how to tackle complicated SBA debt. Regardless of your situation, we are here to help you.

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